Below is a small selection of work with all sites designed and built after 2012 designed for all devices. Click on the image to visit the site

Achub Upcycled Furniture and Art

Achub Upcycled
Furniture & Art

The brief was to create a website that both displayed commissioned upcycled furniture and bespoke artworks as well as sell unique furniture projects and artworks of icons, sports stars, etc.

New Start Supported Living

New Start
Supported Housing

The original NSSH project included a website, logo design, stationary, business cards, brochure and afolder. Created in 2014, recoded in 2017 & with a fresh new look in 2021.

Stay in the Wye Valley

Stay in the
Wye Valley

This is a maintenance only website which I have redeveloped to bring the coding and functions up to date so that it would work on any device whilst keeping the same design. Updated in 2019.

Living Your Divine Spark

Living Your
Divine Spark

This site was designed to incorporate services available from two sister websites so that the information for all services were easily accessible from one point. Created in 2018.

Susan Wilson, Writing Services

Susan Wilson
Writing Services

A brochure site for a freelance marketing & business development professional working across private, public and charity sectors and event management. Created in 2018.

Wooden Floor Solutions

Wooden Floor Solutions Rebuild

The site, originally designed in 2008, was re-designed to separate Heritage and Residenial portfolios; the site can be viewed on any device. Re-created in 2017.

Celtic Equine & Animal Healing

Celtic Equine & Animal Healing

A brochure site for equine and animal healing providing information about various methods as well as experiences and practices as well as testimonials. Created in 2017.

Angels in Your Life

Angels in Your

A sister site to Soul Pathway with details of workshops, events and a three-year accredited & certificated professional healership course.
Created in 2017.

Soul Pathway


A brochure site for people wishing to know their true path in life and also contains information about a one-year course and individual therapy available. Created in 2017.

New Start Supported Housing

New Start
Supported Housing

This project included a website, logo design, stationary templates, business cards, brochure and a folder for print. Created in 2014. Recoded in 2017. See 2021 for the latest.

Richardson's Lettings


A brochure site promoting managed lettings for landlords and residential services to tenants. This WIX site enabled client updates . Created in 2016, updated in 2019, now converted to specialist software.

Profile Panels


A brochure site promoting classic car body work, from individual repairs to re-creating a full car body in aluminium or steel. The brief included logo design & stationary. Created in 2016.

Garrett Saddlers


This brochure site for a saddlery company showcases their indepth knowledge of saddle fitting and saddle clinics. The shop promotes a range of saddles, bridles and accessories. Created in 2015.

Clevedon Feathers Badminton Club

Clevedon Feathers
Badminton Club

The logo was recreated digitally for the WIX site enabling the club to update information, a calendar for fixtures and events and a photo history of the club. Created in 2013.

Clevedon Feathers Badminton Club

No Parsnips

A two page site for copy writing services. The brief stated that no logo was needed just information, a form and a definition and lists of existing and previous clients. Created 2011.

Making Changes Peacefully

Making Changes

This site was redesigned 2012 to include recommended reading, added through Amazon affliates, a video link via YouTube, an animated advert and Facebook link. Created in 2008.

On The Sands Deli and Cafe

On The Sands
Deli and Cafe

This brochure site for On The Sands, a cafe and deli in Leicestershire, promotes their full range of services. Designed in 2008 and updated until 2021 when the business was sold & name changed.

Montage of sites no longer in use

Examples of Sites no Longer in Use

This is just a montage of sites which are no longer live, but that show the scope and variety of work I've undertaken. Some have moved on to other work or to programmes where they control the content themselves.